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Five Fabulous Reasons to be Thankful this Football Season…

As we pause to reflect upon the people and things in life that we are grateful for, we of course think of our families, special friends – both near and far – and other wonderful blessings.  As football fans, we are also thankful for the 2010 season and the excitement it has brought us thus far.  Here is our top five list of what we are most thankful for this football season…

#5 –  The Hokie Bird

Thanksgiving has a variety of traditions, like turkey and football, and what better turkey to represent the day than the Virginia Tech mascot?  The maroon and orange turkey may not be as ferocious as a lion or tiger, but he does have spectacular spirit as he struts his stuff around Lane Stadium.  In the 4th quarter as he dances the “Hokie Pokie”, you must admit there’s really no other mascot quite like him!

#4 – Mid-Season Coach Firings

After watching two of the most incompetent NFL coaches bumble along this season, we are grateful that the Cowboys and the Vikings had the courage to fire their head coaches.  Minnesota’s Brad Childress lost control of the team early in the season.  But his handling of Randy Moss truly epitomized his incompetence.  Now at 3-7, it will be interesting to see if interim head coach Leslie Frazier can salvage the season.  The Cowboys also made the bold move of firing head coach Wade Phillips mid way through the season.  Newly appointed Head Coach Jason Garrett seems to have shaken things up, as the Cowboys are playing much more motivated, disciplined football compared to when Phillips was coach.  It remains to be seen if these coaching changes will result in any real improvement in team play.  But, at the very least, we are thankful that we no longer have to endure the awkward and embarrassing behaviors of Childress and Phillips.

#3 –  Fantasy Football

While my team may not exactly be winning (ok, ok..we are in next to last place), entering a fantasy league for the first time this season has been one of the most fun and exciting things I have done in a long time.  Each week, as I set my starting line up in hopes of achieving the perfect team to annihilate my opponent, I love the strategy involved.  With players on my roster from throughout the league, I am interested in more games than ever before.  It is a great, new way to enjoy the gridiron and I am so thankful to be in such a great league (Go, HokieHokieHokie!)

#2 – Denard Robinson

He may not be as popular as Heisman hopeful Cam Newton of Auburn, but there’s something about Denard Robinson that makes us smile!  The University of Michigan QB, known as “’Shoelace”, is just plain fun to watch.  As he leads the Wolverines with his untied shoelaces and signature dreadlocks, he poses a dual threat to opposing defenses.  He alone has accounted for nearly 70% of Michigan’s total offense.  He is the first quarterback in NCAA history to pass for more than 1500 yards AND rush for 1500 yards in a single season.  At 7-4, Michigan’s season has been disappointing, which is one of the reasons Robinson may not be as highly touted as other Heisman candidates.  But nothing beats his pure athleticism and raw talent.  He is truly one of the most dynamic players in college football today and one of our very favorite things about this football season!

#1 – Michael Vick

Is there a better story in football this year?  After 21 months in federal prison because of his involvement in dog fighting, most people wrote Michael Vick off.  He lost his QB position with the Atlanta Falcons, declared bankruptcy and became one of the most despised figures in America.  Upon release from prison, most people expected him to return to his old lifestyle and friends and fade into obscurity.  But with the help of former Colts coach Tony Dungy, who mentored him while in prison, Vick changed his attitude, his work ethic, and in the end, his life.  His story is one of redemption and should give each of us hope.

As the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick’s performance this season has been phenomenal.  He is a serious contender for this year’s MVP.  Under the watchful, fatherly eye of Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, Vick appears to be thriving both on and off the field.  With his unparalleled physical abilities, he is arguably the best overall athlete in the NFL.  Like our #2 favorite, Denard Robinson, we just love watching Vick play!  That immeasurable, distinctive ability to make plays with both his arm and his legs are simply magical and make him our VERY FAVORITE thing about the 2010 season so far!

Happy Thanksgiving fellow football fans!  Enjoy the rest of the season!

It’s Week 9 and Oh What a Season it has Been!

Here we are, in week 9 of the NFL schedule, which means we are half way through the regular season!  Time flies when you’re having fun.  As we reflect on what has unfolded in the NFL thus far, we were inspired to say it with poetry.  (Don’t ask why, frankly, we really don’t know)


The NFL season is already half completed

Some of our teams have won, others were defeated

Players have been benched, a few were even traded

Coaches have been praised, a few are truly hated

So at this point in the season, we look at where things stand

One thing we know for certain, this season has not been bland!


The great and mighty Saints were expected to be dominant

But here in 2010, they’re not so prominent!

The trendy “who dat” slogan was such a catchy phrase

 But the way the Saints are playing, was it only just a phase?

So as New Orleans struggles to find a way to win

Will another team replace them as America’s new darlin’?


All throughout the league, quarterbacks are making news

With so many controversies, it’s easy to feel confused

In Philly, Vick was out…then in..then out again

The Steelers had their own QB troubles – the behavior of Big Ben

McNabb was benched for Grossman, a decision that boggles the mind

Grossman fumbled his first play, and the Redskins fell behind!


The Vikings made a trade to pick up Randy Moss

Four short weeks later, they gave him quite the toss

Randy’s open praise of his former coach and team

Caused coach Childress fury and to fire him it seems

Randy’s now a Titan, playing in Tennessee

Will he find a home there?  Or will he have to flee?


Jerry Jones’ Cowboys now stand at one and six

How does this happen to a pre-season Superbowl pick?

The Bills are once again at the bottom of the pile

Will frosty Buffalo fans ever find reason to smile?

The Panthers and 49ers are also down this year

Their fans are not celebrating, but drowning in cold beer


The Patriots are once again winning, doing it with flair

Even with Tom Brady and his Justin Bieber-like long hair

The Giants and the Falcons are tied for first in the NFC

Who will win their division?  We will have to wait and see

The Ravens, Chiefs and Colts seem to be true contenders

While the Jets, Packers and Steelers may just end up pretenders


The season’s only half way through, there’s lots more games to play

Some teams will continue to win, some may go astray

Football is a game of inches, so the saying goes

It’s a game that can’t be predicted, as any true fan knows

So enjoy the “second half”, it will be an adventurous ride

It’s what makes football the greatest game – that cannot be denied!

Randy Moss is a Good Catch

A month ago, as I heard the breaking news that Randy Moss had been traded by the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings, I could barely contain my excitement.  I literally skipped to my closet to reclaim my purple 84 jersey that had been buried in the back.  Moss with Favre?  It was a dream come true!

Now, after playing in a mere four games, Moss has been released from the team.  The story is making headlines across all sports media outlets, with most writers, reporters and analysts seemingly jumping on the anti-Moss bandwagon.

There are reports that Moss was agitated about a post-practice catered meal and spoke out loudly and disrespectfully in front of the restaurant owners.  The tirade made some players, coaches and other personnel uncomfortable and embarrassed.  If this did occur as has been reported, there is no excuse for Moss’ behavior.  It was rude.  Was it bad enough to get him kicked off the team?  I would hope not!

Last Sunday, after a disappointing loss against the Patriots, Moss spoke to the media in a post-game press conference.  He didn’t take any questions from reporters.  Instead, for about 5 minutes, he did what Randy always does – he spoke his mind.  See, that is the thing with Randy Moss.  He is candid, outspoken, and at times, a bit irreverent.

In Sunday’s post game speech, Moss openly praised his former teammates and their work ethics and even called Patriot coach Bill Belichick the “best coach in history”.  Moss also revealed his frustration that the Vikings coaching staff seemed to ignore his attempts at providing insights into the offensive tendencies of New England.  He did not filter his emotions.  He had just suffered a 28-18 loss to a team that had traded him and was disappointed and aggravated.  Were these blunt remarks enough to justify his removal from the team?  Again, I would hope not!

Apparently, Vikings coach Brad Childress believes that Moss’ locker room rant and post game press conference were compelling reasons to send Moss packing.  Tact is not one of Randy’s traits, but EVERYONE knows that.  Moss’ history with other teams is no secret.  His open and flippant comments are legendary.  Childress knew exactly who he was getting when he traded a 3rd round draft pick to the Patriots to get Moss. 

The Vikings now stand at 2-5 and are tied for last place in the NFC North.  Favre has been battling two fractures in his ankles, a jarring hit to his jaw last week and a personal scandal involving a former NY Jets female employee.  Does Childress really think the Vikings need yet ANOTHER scandal and distraction?

Moss’ post game remarks and locker room meltdown were certainly selfish.  That type of behavior can indeed divide a team.  But, again, Childress knew that was the risk when he signed Moss.  It seems that the coaching criticisms Moss spoke about were simply too much for Childress’s fragile self esteem and he reacted in an immature and hasty way.  Why not fine Moss for these behaviors or suspend him for a game?

Some Moss haters have pointed out number 84’s mediocre stats since signing with the Vikings 4 weeks ago as another justification for waiving him.  Moss scored 2 TDs and had 13 catches for 174 yards, but those stats alone are deceiving. His mere presence caused defenses to respect and cover him, thereby allowing greater opportunities for RB Adrian Peterson and fellow receiver Percy Harvin.

As a coach, Childress has the responsibility to build a successful team.  When the Vikings signed Moss a month ago, they did it with the expectation that he could help them win.  While the Vikings went 1-3 since Moss joined the roster, there is no doubt that he was an asset to the team.  Now we are left to wonder what his real impact could have been this season.  Given more time, would Moss and Favre have developed that indefinable chemistry that makes some QB/WR duos so successful?  Would Adrian Peterson have had more holes opened up as defenses were forced to cover speedy Moss?  We can only speculate now that Childress has hastily dropped Randy.

Childress made a colossal mistake in kicking Moss out.  A competent and professional coach should be able to manage the wide variety of personalities on an NFL team.  A confident leader would not have had such a knee-jerk reaction and made such a drastic move.  Childress appears weak, despite his attempt to show he was in control by waiving Moss.  Given the Vikings disappointing season thus far, it is only a matter of time until he loses control of even more players.  If they openly criticize him and his coaching strategies, will he fire them too?

In all likelihood, Randy Moss will be picked up by a team today who recognizes that his athleticism can help bring victories.   They will know and accept the tradeoffs involved by signing Moss.  He will be outspoken, brash and opinionated.  But he will also be an effective offensive weapon and a very, very good catch.

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