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A November to Remember

It’s been a November to remember on the gridiron.   As we look back on this month, here are five of our favorite unforgettable football moments…

#5 – Peculiar PAT attempt

The picture of 307 pound defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions lining up for an extra point attempt against the Jets is an image burned in our minds. Suh is on track to earn rookie of the year for his dominating defensive performance this year, but his PAT attempt has made him a YouTube star!  

#4 – Joe Paterno Earns his 400th Victory!

On November 6th, Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno earned his 400th victory.  The 83 year old football legend joined the exclusive 400 club after a comeback against Northwestern, where the Lions were down 21-0 at one point.  The Nittany Lions have a young squad (almost 5 dozen freshman and sophomores and just 8 senior starters), but were able to rally to give JoePa this milestone victory!

#3 – Mental Meltdowns and On the Field Brawls

In addition to the great gridiron this month, there was lots of unscripted action that was not drawn up in the playbook.  Vince Young’s temper tantrum, where he threw his shoulder pads into the bleachers and stormed from the locker room, is just one more memorable moment in this action-packed month. 

Another unforgettable sight was the on the field fight between Houston receiver Andre Johnson and Tennessee Titan cornerback Cortland Finnegan.  At a time when the NFL seems to be trying to squash intensity and emotion, these two players showed that football is a game of adrenaline and passion that is sometimes impossible to contain.

#2 – Michael Vick

Returning to the NFL after serving 21 months in federal prison, Michael Vick’s 2010 season has been phenomenal.  His Monday Night Football performance in a game against the Redskins – 333 yards passing, 80 yards rushing and six touchdowns (4 passing, 2 rushing) – was one of most exciting moments of November.  While this past weekend may not have been his best performance (he threw his first interception of the season and committed a few fumbles), his QB rating is 106 and he remains one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in the NFL. 

#1 – Twitty Tweeter

Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson dropped a potential game winning touchdown pass in overtime on Sunday.  After the Bills went on to lose to the Steelers 19-16, a distraught Johnson tweeted the following.. 

There are plenty of players who raise their heads up to praise God after a great play, but Johnson putting the blame on a higher power is certainly unique.  Twitter has given football fans a new form of amusement. Throughout the NFL players send off their latest thoughts, often without fully considering the consequences!  Johnson’s twitty tweet is simply priceless!  It’s moments like these that make football the best sport on earth and definitely made this a November to remember.

A 307 Pound Kicker? Yes, Indeed!

Yesterday, in a game against the New York Jets, Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz called a play that was quite unconventional.  After Lions kicker Jason Hanson got injured, 6’ 4”, 307 pound defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was called on to attempt the PAT!  Suh missed the extra point in the 3rd quarter of Sunday’s game, but according to Schwartz, he is the Lions’ back up kicker.

Suh was the 2nd overall pick in the 2010 draft.  He was considered one of the most dominating defensive players to ever play at the college level.  At the University of Nebraska, Suh won numerous awards, including the Bronko Nagurski Trophy which recognizes the top defensive player in the country.  He was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and named the Associated Press Player of the Year, the first defensive player to ever win the award.

His rookie season has been extraordinary, with 6.5 sacks and 30 tackles (25 of them solo) through 8 games.  Suh intercepted a pass and scored a touchdown – and remember, he is a defensive TACKLE!   He is a dominating pass rusher and his speed and versatility make him a force to be reckoned with.  He is expected to earn NFC Defensive Rookie of the Year for his incredible defensive performance with the Lions.  Who knew he was also a pretty good kicker?

It was a peculiar kicking day in the NFL, as Wes Welker, a Patriots wide receiver successfully kicked an extra point and also the subsequent kickoff.   Both Welker and Suh are former soccer players, so while it seemed odd to fans and spectators to see a tackle or wide out line up on the hash marks, it is a scenario both players were prepared for. 

Check out Suh’s PAT attempt vs. the Jets below…  

Ndamukong Suh Extra Point Attempt

Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water

As a female football fanatic, I often get strange looks when my enthusiasm about the game bursts out in places or situations not normally associated with the gridiron.  Just this weekend, I went to my local nail salon for a pink and white fill and desperately needed pedicure.  Without a scheduled appointment, I had to wait for the next available nail technician.  Before long, minutes turned into an hour and I suddenly realized I had just missed the kickoff of the New York Giants vs. Detroit Lions game.

Without hesitation, I quickly blurted out, “can we change the channel to the Giants game?” to the quiet, diminutive salon owner.  She blinked at me and asked, “the what game?”.  Every woman in the small room turned to look at me.  Undaunted, I again requested the game be put on and she hesitantly obliged.  I watched the game, trying to control my usual outburst of phrases like, “Oh, Eli…why can’t you be more like your brother”.

When it was finally my turn to get my nails done, the tech said, “so you LIKE football?”.  It was then I realized that there are many women who simply dismiss the game of football without ever getting to know it.  Maybe my love for football is rooted in my youth, when my father dragged me to every high school and college game he could get to within a 50 mile radius.  From the time I could walk and no longer needed diapers, I was his sports buddy.

As a teenage girl, I would go to the game with a group of friends on a cool, fall Friday night.  It was central Pennsylvania and high school football was the main attraction of the weekend.  While many of my friends walked around the field’s perimeter hoping to meet their newest crush, I actually WATCHED the game.  I dated the center on the team and when he, much to my horror, fumbled the snap in a post season playoff game, our relationship nearly ended!

So, as I sat in the nail salon and thought about feeling like a fish out of water, I realized that the passion I have for football has its roots in my youth.  The women in the salon were busy whispering to each other about their latest drama as I was immersed in my Giants game.  I recognized that this moment was not really all that different from high school and simply had to smile to myself, despite the Brandon Jacobs fumble I had just witnessed.

That is why gridironglamourgirl was started – so that women who love football and also strive to be fashionable and a bit enchanting – can gather and share.  We don’t have to feel like fish out of water!  Instead, we can embrace our femininity and football zeal and feel proud to be gridironglamourgirls!!!

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