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Auburn/Oregon Showdown!

The number one ranked Auburn Tigers meet second ranked Oregon in the BCS National Championship game tonight.  It is a game that’s been much anticipated and discussed among the sports community for weeks.  Given our recent 1-4 record in this weekend’s NFL Wild Card games, we are a little nervous about predicting the winner of this game, but we will give it a try anyway!

Oregon’s offense is explosive and ranks first in the nation.  Oregon is a quick strike team, having scored 24 of its TDs this year in plays lasting less than 56 seconds.   The Ducks average 49.3 points per game and 537.5 yards per game.  This prolific offense has been relentless this season.  Auburn’s 53rd ranked defense is going to have its hands full tonight.

Heisman Trophy finalist LaMichael James is Oregon’s greatest offensive weapon, as well as the nation’s leading rusher.  James averages 152.9 yards per game.  At 5’9” and 185 pounds, James has blazing sprinter-like speed.  His elusiveness makes defenders miss and when he gets to the edge, he is nearly unstoppable.  He is also a power runner and can run between the tackles.  If an offensive coordinator could build his own player from scratch, doesn’t it sound like James would be the prototypical, dream running back?  James will present an enormous challenge for Auburn’s defense, which ranks 10th nationally against the run.

If someone is able to stop James, it may just be Tiger tackle Nick Fairley.  As the nation’s top interior lineman and Lombardi Award winner this season, he had 55 tackles, 21 of them for a loss.  He can also pressure his opposing quarterback and accounted for 10.5 sacks and 21 hurry ups this year.    

Ducks QB Darron Thomas is also a force to be reckoned with.  He has 28 TDs and has thrown for 2518 yards this season.  Thomas, a sophomore, is only a first year starter, but led the offense this year with the poise of a much more experienced player.  He has had only 7 interceptions this season and holds a 105.4 QB rating.  While his last 3 games were a bit shaky, his performance for most of the season was stellar.  Look for Auburn to try and take away James’ running game and force Thomas to take over the game in order to win.

While not quite as explosive as Oregon’s offense, Auburn’s offense is high powered and averages 42.7 points and 497.7 yards per game.  The Tigers rank 7th in total offense nationally.  When Auburn football is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton.  Newton has led the Tigers to the national title game, despite all his off-field distractions involving his father and the pay-to-play allegations.  Cam Newton’s sheer grit and will to win are intangible qualities that could be the difference in this game.

The passing stats for Newton and Thomas are quite similar.  Like Thomas, Newton also has 28 passing TDs.  He has thrown for 2589 yards and only 6 interceptions.  Newton leads the nation in passing efficiency.  While the passing stats of Newton and Thomas are comparable, the similarities end there.   Cam Newton’s rushing ability makes him a dual threat that Oregon will have to contain.  He is lethal on the ground and has scored 20 rushing TDs this season.  He averages 108.4 rushing yards per game.

So with two unstoppable offenses, which team ends the evening with the national championship title?  The Tigers played 5 games this season against opponents who were ranked 18 or higher, compared to only one for Oregon.  With this schedule, they have found themselves trailing in 8 games, 4 of them by double digits.  Yet the tenacious Tigers always found a way to win.  This resolve epitomizes both Auburn and Newton.  We believe that facing Oregon’s number one offense will certainly be the biggest challenge the Tigers have had all year.  But in the end, their unwavering determination will prevail and they will be crowned the BCS National Champion in a close game.

2011 New Year’s Resolutions Around the Gridiron

We have been gone for a few days, squeezing out the last of the holiday festivities before getting back to reality.  As we head into 2011, we have made our list of resolutions, hoping to accomplish at least a few of the things we long to do this coming year! 

In that spirit, we offer the following New Year’s resolutions for some of our favorite (and not so favorite) football-related individuals and others from 2010.

Mike Shanahan

I resolve to faithfully read the “Miss Manners” advice column so I can learn the meaning of respect and apply it to those around me, particularly legendary quarterbacks who have earned it. 

I resolve to go to my local Barnes & Noble to purchase “Coaching Football for Dummies” in hopes that I can learn SOMETHING useful to salvage my professional career.

The New York Jets

We resolve to hire Strength and Conditioning coaches who work on OUR players and not the other team’s players.

We resolve to recognize that women are more than just Barbie Dolls and can actually contribute to sports.

Brett Favre

I resolve to get rid of my cell phone.

I resolve to take the hint from the injuries Gods and finally retire for REAL.

Randy Moss

I resolve to keep all thoughts about the superb abilities of former coaches and teammates tucked away securely in my head, especially during post-game press conferences.

I resolve to keep all comments regarding catered foods and canines to myself.

Roger Goodell

I resolve to keep Vince Lombardi from turning in his grave by never postponing games due to snow and wind.

I resolve to keep the word “Wussie” from ever being associated with the NFL again.

I resolve to keep the NFL from turning into the National Flag League by concentrating on REAL player safety issues instead of legitimate hard hits.

Cam Newton

I resolve to never listen to my father’s advice.

I resolve to take lots of pics with my Heisman, since I will undoubtedly be returning it within the next few years.

Ohio State

We resolve to stop being an NFL player factory and at least APPEAR to provide an education.

We resolve to duct tape our President’s mouth whenever he attempts to discuss football.

Eli Manning

I resolve to stop giving the camera that Gomer Pyle  “Gaaw-aawl-ly” look when I throw an interception.

I resolve to call my big brother and get advice on how to transform my naïve country boy persona into one fitting a New York quarterback.


We resolve to fairly enforce our rules and not allow players from big football programs (read Auburn and Ohio State) to get off the hook.

Tucker Carlson

I resolve to actually practice the Christianity I profess and learn that forgiveness is one of its tenets.

I resolve to never speak about football, or any other sport, again.

I resolve to loosen my bow tie, in hopes that it sends oxygen to my brain so that I think before I speak.

Michael Vick

I resolve to finish my story book-like comeback with a fairy tale ending and take my team to the Super Bowl.

I resolve to continue to be THE most exciting player in the NFL while showing the world that redemption is truly possible.

What’s on Tap for Today? Two Terrific Traditions!

Today two college football traditions take place – the classic Army/Navy game and the awarding of the Heisman Trophy.   As we move towards the vast array of bowl games ahead, it seems fitting that the end of the regular college football season celebrates two historic traditions that are the foundation of college football today.

Army-Navy Game

The annual game between the United States Military Academy at West Point (Army) and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis (Navy) began in 1890 and represents one of the great rivalries in college football.  From the time a cadet enters their particular academy, whether an athlete or not, he or she is immersed in the “Beat Army” or “Beat Navy “mantra. 

Navy has won the last 8 games and leads the overall series with 54 wins, while Army won 49 of the games.  Today’s game takes place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and will be broadcast on CBS, with kickoff at 2:30 PM EST. 

Both academies have a tradition of running with a football from their campus to the site of the game.  At a West Point pep rally Thursday night (where a large sailboat was set fire to emulate beating Navy), a football was handed to the captain of the marathon team.  The 20 member team (14 men and 6 women) took turns running the 179 miles to Lincoln Financial Field through the dark roads of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile, approximately 140 midshipmen from Company 13 began their 125 mile long trek after a send off by their commandant on noon on Friday.  Both groups of relay runners will present the balls to their academy’s football team captains on Saturday on the field just before kickoff.  This decades old tradition symbolizes not only the discipline and sheer grit of both academies, but also illustrates the intensity of the rivalry.

Army and Navy football players will most likely never play in the NFL.  These men play for the pure love of the game.  Upon graduation, they will serve our country in their respective branches, leaving behind football as nothing but a fond memory.  That’s what makes this game so special and makes it one of the best traditions of college football.

The Heisman Trophy

The 76th Annual Heisman Memorial Trophy will be awarded tonight at 8 pm.  The four finalists contending for the Heisman are Auburn QB Cam Newton, Stanford QB Andrew Luck, Boise State QB Kellen Moore and University of Oregon RB LaMichael James.  The Heisman winner is determined by votes cast by 870 members of the media, all former Heisman Trophy winners and an overall fan vote.

Cam Newton appears to be the frontrunner, despite the pay-to-play scheme his father orchestrated.  The NCAA ruled that Newton’s father had indeed tried to solicit money for his son to play at Mississippi State, but that they have no evidence that Cam knew of his father’s plan.  The NCAA investigation continues, so if information surfaces that Cam was aware of his father’s actions, another Reggie Bush Heisman scandal could be on the horizon.  Let’s hope that the NCAA finds Cam truly was oblivious to his father’s actions because another Heisman winner having to return the award only tarnishes it.  It appears most Heisman voters have simply dismissed the potential scandal and focused instead on Newton’s on-field performance.

Newton’s mind-blowing stats are simply hard to dismiss.  He led the SEC in rushing, with 1409 yards.  Newton also threw for 2589 yards and had the nation’s best passing efficiency rating.  He threw 28 TDs, ran for 20 TDs and also caught one!  He led Auburn to an undefeated season, an SEC Championship and the BCS National Championship game that will take place on January 10th vs. Oregon.

The candidate who will most likely earn 2nd place in the Heisman voting is Stanford QB Andrew Luck.  He passed for 3051 yards and 28 TDs.  While he is not as well known as Newton, it is widely believed that he could be the number one draft pick in the NFL.  His 7th ranked passing efficiency helped lead his team to their best record since 1940.  Luck will take his Stanford team to the Orange Bowl on January 3rd to play Virginia Tech.

It is hard to predict who will rank 3rd and 4th in the Heisman voting.  LaMichael James is the sole running back in the group.   He rushed for 1682 yards and 21 TDs and helped his team achieve the number one ranked offense in the nation.  James and Oregon will play for the national title against Auburn in Glendale, Arizona on January 3rd.  Meanwhile, Boise State’s Kellen Moore passed for 3056 yards and 33 TDs.  He may not be the prototypical big time college QB, but his stats cannot be ignored.  Moore and Boise State play in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl versus Utah on December 22nd.

In this season of holiday tradition, take time out today to enjoy two of college football’s most prestigious and enduring traditions.  The Army/Navy game and the awarding of the Heisman Trophy celebrate the honor, excellence and determination of these young men.  Both are positive components of college football and their ability to make us feel good about athletics is the perfect way to end the regular season.  Enjoy!

Does the NCAA Stand for “No Cam Accountability Allowed”??

We have been supporters of Auburn’s Cam Newton all season long.  His performance has deservedly made him the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy.  He’s the first player in the SEC to have passed for over 2,000 yards AND rushed for more than 1,000 yards in a single season.  Newton has the led the Tigers to a number one national ranking and, in all likelihood, a real shot at the BCS national championship.  On Saturday, he and Auburn will play for the SEC championship in a game versus South Carolina.  Looking at these stats, it is easy to justify Newton’s position as the #1 Heisman hopeful.

“Pay to play “allegations have been swirling around Newton and his father, Cecil Newton, for weeks.  The accusations were that Cecil and a former Mississippi State Bulldog player (who is now the owner of a scouting service) worked together to asked Mississippi State boosters to pay $180,000 in order for Cam to play for the Bulldogs.  Both Cam Newton and his father have denied all allegations.

For weeks, Cam Newton has refused to speak to the media about the ongoing NCAA investigation.  Instead, he has continued his phenomenal performances and has handled the scrutiny and pressure quite well.  Last weekend, he brought the Tigers back from a 24 point deficit against #9 Alabama.  The victory was a real testament to Newton’s incredible athletic abilities and focus.  Cam accounted for all  TDs in the comeback and his performance truly reinforced his first place standing in the race for the Heisman.  Based on ability alone, Newton should win the Heisman hands down.

But the past few days have brought new information to light.  The NCAA has been investigating the pay-to-play allegations since the summer.  Based on their investigation, they ruled that a violation of NCAA rules had been committed by Cecil Newton and Kenny Rogers, the former Mississippi State player.  Specifically, on Monday the NCAA ruled that a violation of Cam Newton’s amateur status had occurred.

Following NCAA guidelines, a school must rule an athlete ineligible if they are told that a possible violation has occurred.  Therefore, on Tuesday, Auburn ruled Cam Newton ineligible to play and then immediately requested that he be reinstated.  The very next day, Wednesday, the NCAA cleared Newton to play “without conditions”.

The NCAA statement said, in part…

The student-athlete’s father (Cecil Newton) and an owner of a scouting service (Kenny Rogers) worked together to actively market the student-athlete as a part of a pay-for-play scenario in return for Newton’s commitment to attend college and play football. NCAA rules (Bylaw 12.3.3) do not allow individuals or entities to represent a prospective student-athlete for compensation to a school for an athletic scholarship.

The NCAA went on to say that they did not have “sufficient evidence” to prove that Cam was aware of his father’s attempt to sell his athletic services.

These fast and unexpected developments have certainly raised a few eyebrows.  Isn’t it quite convenient that the NCAA could reinstate Newton so quickly, given the importance of this weekend’s game against South Carolina?  If Newton had not been ruled eligible to play, Auburn’s chances against South Carolina would be greatly diminished.  If Auburn were to lose, the third ranked BCS team, TCU, would be the next contender for the national championship game.  Is it possible this factor influenced the members of the NCAA?  Yes, it seems that given the money and prestige of the BCS, the idea of a much less prominent school like TCU in the title game could have influenced the NCAA’s decision.

Furthermore, given the strict and rigid rules of the NCAA, how could they so easily accept the idea that Cam Newton was unaware that his father was trying to sell him to the highest bidder?  The NCAA routinely cracks down on small, simple violations by athletes, like accepting a dinner invitation or small gift!  In this case, there are SERIOUS allegations and now, apparently, enough evidence to implicate Newton’s very own father.  Frankly, it is just plain hard to believe that Cam was not aware of his father’s actions.

The NCAA’s ruling that Cam Newton is eligible to play was made by the body’s reinstatement committee.  However, the NCAA’s enforcement staff, a separate and independent group from the reinstatement committee, is continuing its investigation.  While Auburn may very well go on to win the SEC title and the BCS National Championship, and Newton may win the Heisman, the case is far from over. 

When allegations surfaced about NCAA violations involving Reggie Bush and USC, it took 4 YEARS for the case to be closed.  That case resulted in Bush returning his Heisman award and USC receiving major sanctions against the football program.  So, for Auburn and Cam Newton, the NCAA ruling is good news in the short term.  In the long run, this latest ruling could be meaningless.

Cam Newton’s football performance this season is Heisman worthy.  There is simply no argument about it.  With only 4 days left for voters to return their Heisman ballots, it is quite likely the winner may have already been selected.  We believe Cam Newton will win the coveted award.  What is unclear is whether he, like Reggie Bush, will be forced to relinquish the Heisman should more proof about what he knew come to light.

The NCAA’s lenient ruling in the Cam Newton saga truly is puzzling.  Given the stakes involved, it is more than surprising that they simply took Cam at his word that he was unaware of his father’s illegal and immoral actions.  For whatever reason, it seems the NCAA has decided to stand for the “No Cam Accountability Allowed” body, rather than the stringent, authoritative governing organization it has always been. 

Only time will tell whether the NCAA made the right call on Cam, or whether they were influenced by outside forces to allow him to continue his run for the Heisman, SEC title and possible national championship title.  What is clear, however, is that the NCAA’s latest Cam Newton ruling opens the door for other student athletes to simply deny knowledge of any potential violations committed by others on their behalf.  The ruling has set a dangerous precedent and is a potential serious problem for future NCAA investigations into player conduct.

Cam Newton is the Comeback Kid!

If you watched Auburn vs. Alabama today in the Iron Bowl, I hope you didn’t turn it off at halftime to go grab some Black Friday bargains.  The game was one of the most exciting deals you could ask for and it was certainly a tale of two halves!

Auburn entered the game ranked 2nd in the nation.  The atmosphere at Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium was hostile, with much of the hatred directed at Auburn QB Cam Newton.  Newton has been embroiled in pay for play allegations for weeks.  As the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy, it is not surprising that Alabama Crimson Tide fans targeted Newton.   They threw play Monopoly money at him as he entered the stadium and the loudspeakers blared out the song “Take the Money and Run” during pre-game warm-ups.  In the end, though, Newton would silence all his critics with the biggest comeback n Auburn’s history!

The first half was dominated by 9th ranked Alabama, who at one point led 24-0 in front of their home crowd.  Alabama tore the Auburn Tiger defense to shreds and it looked as though a blow out was developing.  In fact, the Tide controlled the first half so completely that it was 21-0 before Auburn even gained a first down! 

Cam Newton had a dreadful start and at the end of the first quarter was 0 for 1 in passing and had 5 carries for negative 6 yards.  Late in the 2nd quarter, Auburn finally answered back with a 36 yard TD pass from Newton to wide out Emory Blake to close the scoring gap to 24-7.  Little did anyone know it was just the beginning of the Cam Newton Comeback Show.

In the second half, Newton threw a 70 yard TD pass on the second play to make it 24-14.  The Tiger defense stepped up and forced Alabama to punt, allowing Newton and his offense to work their magic.  Late in the 3rd quarter, Auburn scored again, this time on a Cam Newton run, to bring the score to 24-21.  With just over a minute left in the 3rd quarter, Alabama kicked a field goal and led 27-21.

In the first half, the Auburn defense gave up 379 yards to the Crimson Tide offense.  But Auburn’s defense looked like a different unit when they emerged from the locker room and held Alabama to just 67 yards in the second half!  Another Cam Newton passing TD early in the 4th quarter gave Auburn the lead for the first time, 28-27.  The Tigers would keep that lead and prevent Alabama from scoring for the rest of the game.

Cam Newton’s performance was indeed magical.  Alabama had won 20 consecutive home games and it looked as though they were about to seal their 21st victory.   But Newton would not be deterred.  His determination to keep Auburn’s undefeated record and national championship hopes alive was remarkable and should solidify his #1 position in the Heisman race. 

Despite the hostility directed at him and the incredible media scrutiny he is under, Newton was able to keep his composure and lead his team from what seemed an insurmountable 24-0 deficit.  He threw for 216 yards and 3 TDs, as well as running for a TD.  At the end of the game, he not only defeated the Crimson Tide football team, but also silenced the more than 100,000 fans who left the stadium in stunned silence.  On so many levels, Cam Newton truly was the Comeback Kid today!

Five Fabulous Reasons to be Thankful this Football Season…

As we pause to reflect upon the people and things in life that we are grateful for, we of course think of our families, special friends – both near and far – and other wonderful blessings.  As football fans, we are also thankful for the 2010 season and the excitement it has brought us thus far.  Here is our top five list of what we are most thankful for this football season…

#5 –  The Hokie Bird

Thanksgiving has a variety of traditions, like turkey and football, and what better turkey to represent the day than the Virginia Tech mascot?  The maroon and orange turkey may not be as ferocious as a lion or tiger, but he does have spectacular spirit as he struts his stuff around Lane Stadium.  In the 4th quarter as he dances the “Hokie Pokie”, you must admit there’s really no other mascot quite like him!

#4 – Mid-Season Coach Firings

After watching two of the most incompetent NFL coaches bumble along this season, we are grateful that the Cowboys and the Vikings had the courage to fire their head coaches.  Minnesota’s Brad Childress lost control of the team early in the season.  But his handling of Randy Moss truly epitomized his incompetence.  Now at 3-7, it will be interesting to see if interim head coach Leslie Frazier can salvage the season.  The Cowboys also made the bold move of firing head coach Wade Phillips mid way through the season.  Newly appointed Head Coach Jason Garrett seems to have shaken things up, as the Cowboys are playing much more motivated, disciplined football compared to when Phillips was coach.  It remains to be seen if these coaching changes will result in any real improvement in team play.  But, at the very least, we are thankful that we no longer have to endure the awkward and embarrassing behaviors of Childress and Phillips.

#3 –  Fantasy Football

While my team may not exactly be winning (ok, ok..we are in next to last place), entering a fantasy league for the first time this season has been one of the most fun and exciting things I have done in a long time.  Each week, as I set my starting line up in hopes of achieving the perfect team to annihilate my opponent, I love the strategy involved.  With players on my roster from throughout the league, I am interested in more games than ever before.  It is a great, new way to enjoy the gridiron and I am so thankful to be in such a great league (Go, HokieHokieHokie!)

#2 – Denard Robinson

He may not be as popular as Heisman hopeful Cam Newton of Auburn, but there’s something about Denard Robinson that makes us smile!  The University of Michigan QB, known as “’Shoelace”, is just plain fun to watch.  As he leads the Wolverines with his untied shoelaces and signature dreadlocks, he poses a dual threat to opposing defenses.  He alone has accounted for nearly 70% of Michigan’s total offense.  He is the first quarterback in NCAA history to pass for more than 1500 yards AND rush for 1500 yards in a single season.  At 7-4, Michigan’s season has been disappointing, which is one of the reasons Robinson may not be as highly touted as other Heisman candidates.  But nothing beats his pure athleticism and raw talent.  He is truly one of the most dynamic players in college football today and one of our very favorite things about this football season!

#1 – Michael Vick

Is there a better story in football this year?  After 21 months in federal prison because of his involvement in dog fighting, most people wrote Michael Vick off.  He lost his QB position with the Atlanta Falcons, declared bankruptcy and became one of the most despised figures in America.  Upon release from prison, most people expected him to return to his old lifestyle and friends and fade into obscurity.  But with the help of former Colts coach Tony Dungy, who mentored him while in prison, Vick changed his attitude, his work ethic, and in the end, his life.  His story is one of redemption and should give each of us hope.

As the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick’s performance this season has been phenomenal.  He is a serious contender for this year’s MVP.  Under the watchful, fatherly eye of Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, Vick appears to be thriving both on and off the field.  With his unparalleled physical abilities, he is arguably the best overall athlete in the NFL.  Like our #2 favorite, Denard Robinson, we just love watching Vick play!  That immeasurable, distinctive ability to make plays with both his arm and his legs are simply magical and make him our VERY FAVORITE thing about the 2010 season so far!

Happy Thanksgiving fellow football fans!  Enjoy the rest of the season!

Heisman Watch – After Cam Newton, Who is #2?

The “pay to play” allegations around Cam Newton continue.  This past weekend, speculation was rampant about whether the Heisman frontrunner would be suspended by Auburn.  Newton played and his performance was once again stellar.  He led the Tigers to a 49-31 victory and an SEC West Title.  Newton had 151 yards rushing and 2 TDs and 148 yards passing, for an additional 2 TDs.  He is the first player in SEC history to rush for 1000 yards and pass for 2000 yards in a single season.   

But since allegations and rumors about Newton still swirl around him, are Heisman voters looking for their second choice?  Fair or not, the Heisman voters are certainly going to consider the “what if” scenarios when it comes to Newton and the prestigious award. 

Voters do not want another Reggie Bush-like scandal that found the 2005 Heisman winner had received improper financial benefits while at USC, thereby making him ineligible.  This past September, Bush forfeited his Heisman before the Heisman Trust could meet to decide whether they were going to strip him of the award.  So, despite Newton being the best player in college football at the moment, voters may indeed look at the next possible candidate. 

Right now, the #2 prospect appears to be Oregon running back LaMichael James.  The sophomore is part of college football’s number one ranked team.  His speed and elusiveness have helped him rush for over 1400 yards this season.  Don’t let James’ size deceive you.  He may be only 5’ 9 “and 185 pounds, but he plows through defenders with his shoulder down like the big brutes.

This past weekend’s game against Cal he managed only 91 yards due to an ankle injury suffered in the second half.  Despite the injury, he fought his way through the final minutes of the game.  The Ducks faced third down and 5.  James put his head down and pounded his way for a first down to help run out the clock and avoid another Cal possession and possible upset.

The Heisman ballots are due by December 6.  The NCAA investigation into Cam Newton will likely take months, perhaps even years, as was the case with Reggie Bush. Since a resolution is unlikely, voters are left with a tough decision.  They can vote for Newton based on his spectacular 2010 performance and hope the allegations around him are unfounded.  Or they can go to their second choice as a means of preserving the “excellence with integrity” aspect of the Heisman. 

In a criminal matter, suspects are innocent until proven guilty.  In an NCAA investigation, no such notion exists.  If Newton is indeed innocent of all the allegations, it is unfair that he could lose the Heisman based solely on accusations and rumors. But, voters are human beings.  The Newton scandal will cause many of them doubt and to simply vote for their second choice based on their gut instinct.  For LaMichael James, being second best may just win him the Heisman this year.

BCS Standings, Week 11…Upsets Ahead for the Unbeaten Top Four?

As we head into this weekend’s slate of college football games, let’s take a look at the current BCS rankings. 

BCS Rankings, Week 11

  1.  Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Boise State
  5. LSU
  6. Stanford
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nebraska
  9. Ohio State
  10. Oklahoma State

The top four teams enter this weekend with perfect records.  Will they remain unbeaten and retain their BCS standings?  Here is a glimpse of the top 4 and what this weekend just may bring…

Number one Oregon (9-0) travels to Berkeley to take on 5-4 California.  Cal is unbeaten at home and smells an upset.  But the Ducks have a powerful, speedy offense that is unstoppable.  We think the Ducks break Cal’s home game winning streak on Saturday to keep its top position in the BCS rankings. 

Auburn (10-0) heads into the weekend at number two to face the 5-5 Georgia Bulldogs, who have won 4 of their last 5 games.  Auburn QB and Heisman hopeful Cam Newton is in the midst of “pay to play” allegations.  Each day the scandal seems to escalate and there is speculation that the NCAA may POSSIBLY ask Auburn to suspend Newton from game participation while the issue is investigated.  It seems unlikely that Newton will be benched for this weekend’s game, but the scrutiny and attention on him must be nerve-wracking.  Is it enough to derail the Tigers?  Nope!  We think Newton and the Tigers handle the off field distractions and earn a decisive victory.

TCU (10-0) earned the number three spot last week after a resounding 47-7 win against then #5 Utah.  Saturday, the Horned Frogs (some mascots are quite amusing, aren’t they?) face San Diego State, who enters the game at 7-2.  If an upset in the top 4 unbeaten teams is to occur, this could be the game! But, we think TCU’s defense (ranked first in the nation) will prove to be too powerful for the Aztec’s offense.  TCU should keep its perfect record heading into next week.

Fourth ranked Boise State (8-0) meets in-state rival Idaho tonight in a game that should be a blow-out.  The Idaho Vandals defense, ranked 103rd in the country, gave up 844 yards last week against Nevada.  Boise State, ranked 2nd in scoring offense in the nation, will simply be too hot to handle.

Week after week, bombshell upsets on the college gridiron shock and amaze us.  It is one of the reasons that college level play is so thrilling!  With the top 4 teams flaunting perfect records as they approach this weekend’s games, will they falter and become part of the “upset alerts” scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen?  Not likely.  The top 4 will preserve their unbeaten statuses this weekend and maintain their current BCS standings as we head into the final stretch of the college season.  As for upsets?  There’s always next week!

Cast Your Vote!

Today is Election Day and we at Gridironglamourgirl have decided to cast our vote.  No, we are not going to delve into politics because quite frankly we’ve had our fill from all parties of late.  Instead, we want to cast our vote for this year’s Heisman Trophy winner!

If the Heisman Trophy could be awarded at this point in the college football season, Cam Newton should be the hands down recipient.  Newton is the Auburn University quarterback who has been tearing up the record books this year. He has already broken the SEC record for rushing yards in a single season by a quarterback and there are plenty more games to play.

Auburn is 9-0 and ranked 2nd (BCS standings) in the nation.  Much of their success is due to Newton.  Want proof?  He’s RUSHED for 1100 yards, scoring 14 touchdowns.  He’s PASSED for 1500 yards, scoring 15 touchdowns.  He also CAUGHT a TD pass on Saturday against Ole Miss, giving him a grand total of 30 TOUCHDOWNS this season!

Where did this junior phenom come from?  Originally from Georgia, Cam was recruited by the University of Florida, where, as a freshman, he would serve as a backup for QB Tim Tebow during the 2007 season. He redshirted his 2008 season due to an injury.  That November he was arrested for burglary and obstruction of justice, when he was found to be in possession of a stolen laptop.  Newton entered a pre-trial intervention program designed for first offenders.  He completed the program, followed the court ordered rules and all charges were eventually dropped.

After the arrest, in January 2009, Newton decided to make a new start.  Tim Tebow had just announced he would return for his senior season.  That factor, along with his legal issues, prompted Newton to transfer to Blinn College, where he led the team to a Junior College National Championship.  After that season, he was highly recruited once again.  On New Year’s Eve 2009, Newton announced he would play for the Auburn Tigers.

There are some in the media who are questioning whether Newton is deserving of the Heisman, given his legal troubles in 2008.  The Heisman is an award that embodies “excellence with integrity” and some critics are using these words as a way to claim that Newton may not be fitting of such a prestigious honor. 

These same critics fail to point out another important component of the Heisman Trophy Mission Statement that says, “winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work”.  Cam Newton could have faded into the sunset after his legal troubles.  Instead, he used diligence, perseverance and hard work, the very qualities that exemplify the Heisman, to turn his life around.

Who among us would want to be held accountable for all of our actions in college?  Sure, most of us were not arrested on felony charges, but Newton has indeed worked hard to redeem himself.  It seems to us that he can serve as a role model to other young people who have made a wrong choice or two along the way.  The critics who would like to judge this young man should seriously think about the message they are sending if they fail to acknowledge that atonement for mistakes is possible.

So, on this Election Day, we vote for Cam Newton as this year’s Heisman Trophy winner.  His on the field stats cannot be denied.  But, almost as important, his hard work and determination to overcome what could have been a life-altering mistake, should serve as an example to all of us. 

Oh, and by the way, voting in the real election is truly an honor and a privilege.  Pay tribute to those in uniform and get out and vote today!

Mischief Night at the Coliseum

Tomorrow night, on the eve of Halloween, the USC Trojans host the number one ranked (AP poll), undefeated Oregon Ducks. On an evening known for Halloween mischief, can the Trojans pull off a trick and regain some of their lost stature and respect? 

We think this will be a close game, but Oregon’s offense, ranked number one nationally, gives the Ducks the advantage.  Oregon QB Darron Thomas has over 1500 yards passing and 17 touchdowns this season. USC’s defense ranks 112th nationally against the pass and could have a very long night with Thomas’ ability to score quickly.  Oregon has 14 TD drives lasting less than one minute so far this season!  Now that’s FAST scoring! 

The Duck’s greatest offensive weapon may be Heisman hopeful LaMichael James.  As college football’s leading rusher, he is averaging 161 yards a game.  At only 5’ 9 “and 185 pounds, his size is deceiving.  He is shifty, elusive and fast, but also drives through defenders with his shoulder down as if he’s Brandon Jacobs.  The Trojan defense has been plagued with injuries and the secondary is a young, inexperienced group.  So expect James to produce big numbers against the Trojans and be a key factor in their win.

USC is 5-2 this season, with its 2 losses coming on last second field goals.  The Trojans are not used to being the underdog and will not go down without a tough fight.  With a home crowd, the presence of ESPN GameDay and a chip on their shoulder from having to endure recruiting scandals and a two-year bowl ban, an upset is not out of the question.

Besides trying to slow down Oregon’s fast spread-option offense, what can USC do to create some mischief and hand the Ducks a trick, rather than a treat?  The Trojan offense needs to score! USC QB Matt Barkley is playing at a high level right now and has eliminated the interceptions he threw early in the season.  Since Oregon’s offense scores so quickly, their defense is vulnerable to getting tired. If USC can control the pace of the game on the offensive side, it may be able to keep up with the high scoring ability of the Ducks.

On the night before Halloween, we expect a whole sack of treats from these two talented Pac-10 rivals. Game time is 8 PM EST at the Los Angeles Coliseum and will be broadcast nationwide on ABC.  Will this prove to be “fright night” for the Ducks? We don’t think so.  We expect a high scoring game, with Oregon clinching the conference title and heading to a BCS title game in January.  If you are an Oregon fan, that is indeed a very sweet treat!

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